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Beta Reader Wanted is here to match writers up with betas. Rather the medium is original fiction, non-fiction, fanfiction, poetry, script, etc., our goal is to help you find your match!


--All betas and writers are limited to ONE advertisement post per month. If a beta you found fell through or if you’re a beta who’s been freed up, simply edit your past ad with (UPDATE) as shown there.

--No Negative Criticism/Flaming. Just be nice, please.

--Do NOT plagiarize. Just, NO.  

--Try to use proper spelling and grammar. And please do not use slang/abbreviations like “ur”, “u”, etc.

--Don't TyPe LiKe Dis. Please, no.

--Please list all possible triggers and topics that you cannot read (for betas) and those you write (for writers).  

--We ask ALL writers and betas are kind and respectful towards each other.

--Promote us! Not a rule, but we’d love if you could. We can't grow without promo, and the more you promote the more people can beta your work.

For writers

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For betas

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Name: Cassie (I’m your mod!)

Age: Soon to be 27

Location: US, Ohio, EST time zone

What is your medium? Fanfiction; current fandom (poison) of choice is Girl Meets World.

Rating of the piece (G, T, M): Typically I’m writing between T-M rated content.

Does this piece deal with triggers (these I don’t have to explain) or sensitive content? (if the piece features a same-sex couple, deals with sexual content - rather general, explicit, or kinky. If there is cursing, offensive remarks against others, etc.) The story I’m planning at this point does not deal with any triggers. However, it does feature a same-sex female pairing. Cursing will probably take place, but not heavily. No offensive remarks or any other offending material is planned or expected to happen.

Beta type: (What do you need from a beta) SPaG, content, plot/idea help.

Harshness: (Some people are sensitive. Clearly state level of harness you are comfortable with) On a scale of 1-10, I’m ideally looking for a 6. Basically, just be respectful and explain any edits/suggestions. My writing is very important to me and I don’t take well to receiving it back covered in red ink. You need to strongly back-up your suggestions (besides technical ones) in order for me to not become offended. Telling me to remove, reword, or that something doesn’t make sense without the explanation really doesn’t help me at all.

How do you prefer to work? (over Google Docs, emailing Word docs, etc.) Google Docs or emailing Word files; either works.

What do you hope to get out of this community? A beta to stick with me long term and be a good soundboard for ideas.

How long have you been writing? 9.5 years.

What genre of stories do you like to write? Romance, drama.

Anything else? (this is the place where you can give additional info on your piece or share something you feel compelled to. Whatever else you need to say can be here!) I’d really like to find someone who’s in a time zone that’s friendly to mine. Would love to have a friendship with said person and feel comfortable enough to share plot ideas and grow stories from them. An individual with the time needed to provide beta services is very important and required.


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